Marmalade SDK (Software Development Kit) is a cross-platform, 2D and 3D game engine developed by Marmalade Technologies Limited. It is written in C++ Programming Language and modules of Lua, HTML5 and Objective C. Depending on the type of licenses purchased, Marmalade SDK supports developments of games for the platform of Android, Blackberry 10, iOS, Tizen, LG Smart TV, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Roku 3, Windows Phones and Nintendo Switch. It was launched in late 2009 and its first stable version was released on September 2016. It is a proprietary licensed game engine.             

Marmalade Technologies was previously known as Ideaworks3D Ltd. The company announced to cease the support and production of Marmalade Game Platform in 2016. The license server was turned off in 2017. The support was ceased to focus to their own Marmalade-Game studio Ltd.

“Marmalade is changing its business model to enable our partners to optimize the Marmalade technology for their own specific needs. By doing this, it has reduced the internal resource requirements for developing and evolving the technology.”

Dan Pearson from

In January 2017, the exclusive rights were given to Japan-based GMO Cloud that added new features to the engine. However, GMO Cloud announced its discontinuation of Marmalade in 2018.

The main Marmalade SDK consists of two layers, the lower C API, and marmalade SDK C++ API. The lower API is abstraction layer that provides access to the functionality of device such as file access, networking, keyboard and touch screen. The second layer provides higher level functionality for 2D and 3D rendering, a Resource Management System and HTTP networking.

Marmalade SDK is a complete software development kit that includes library files, samples documentation and tools required to develop, test and deploy the applications for mobile devices. On November 2015, the Marmalade platform won the award of “Best Engine & Middleware, Tools & Tech” award at The independent Game Developers’ Association.


  • Open GL ES API
  • Bitmap handling
  • Mesh rendering
  • Boned Animation
  • Built-in support for ARM V5 and V7 Libraries
  • Automatic Texture Compression
  • On-device Profiling
  • Static Compatibility Tool Analysis

Games Developed on Marmalade Game Engine

the game of life
Game of Life
Monopoly: Plus
Monopoly: Plus
Clue board Game

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