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Game Engines Explained

The first, and perhaps most important, is to understand game engines. These development tools are becoming increasingly indispensable in the creation of modern-day digital games and they’re not going unnoticed by players. Today’s gamers are just as clued up on the tech that underpins their favorite titles as they are the content of the game itself — during the build up to the release of the CS:GO sequel one of the most frequent topics of discussion was what engine is CS2 on.

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    Archiving and eDiscovery: Key Considerations

    By adopting a proactive stance and implementing robust archiving and eDiscovery practices, organizations can mitigate risks and significantly reduce the costs associated with legal data requisitions. In the digital age, preparedness for eDiscovery is a legal necessity and a strategic asset.

      C and C++ Programming Examples


      Rock, Paper, Scissors Game in C++ [C++ Game]

      This is a simple C++ program to demonstrate rock, paper, scissors game. In this game, players have to choose one of the three options to beat the opponent or the computer itself. The C++ code generates a random choice by creating a character to indicate that option. Options are: r is for 'rock', p is for 'paper', and s is for 'scissors'.

      C Tutorials


      Control Flow in C Programming – The for and while Loop

      In C programming, controlling the flow of the program is the key to unleashing the true potential of your code. In this article, we will look into the loops and control statements which are fundamental constructs and shape the flow of execution in your programs.

      C++ Tutorials


      How to Master XML Conversion With C++

      Although there are good tools that one can use to process and convert large and complex XML data like a converter from Sonra, there are quite a few libraries that can help in processing some simple XML over C++.

      Programming Books

      SharePoint For Dummies – A Comprehensive Guide

      SharePoint For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to Microsoft SharePoint, a powerful collaboration and document management platform. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this book provides step-by-step guidance on how to use SharePoint to create and manage sites, lists, libraries, and other features.