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This website is developed to help anyone who  wants to learn C/C++ programming. There are plenty of resources for learners such as tutorials, source code, library references, programming syntax and C/C++ programming interview questions.


Cafu Game Engine Main Menu

Cafu Game Engine

The Cafu Engine is a multipurpose and cross platform 3D graphics software and game development software, developed by Carsten Fuchs. The engine is specialized in the creation of 3D applications, games, simulations, training and architectural software. Written in C++ and Lua language, the Cafu Game Engine intends to make the advancement of new games and other 3D applications simple. The engine is effectively and consistently developed to give the most recent innovation.

City Bus Simulator

C4 Game Engine Developed in C++

C4 Game development engine is developed in C/C++ based on OpenGL. It was first developed in 2005 by Terathon Software and made commercially available for developers worldwide. It supports multiple gaming platforms such as Windows, OS X, PS4, PS3, and Linux. It is used for the creation of high graphics 3D games for both consoles and PC. The gaming engine is also capable to build interactive virtual simulations allowing the developers to dive into the new dimensions to create amazing stuff.

Color switch Game

Buildbox – C++ Game Development Platform

Buildbox is a C++ game development platform founded by Trey Smith in August 2014. The goal of this NO-Code platform to make a path for anybody to have the option to make computer games without coding. This C++ platform attracts the majority of business visionaries, designers and other gaming fans without earlier game development advancements or coding information.

Imperator Rome - Game

Clausewitz – Game Engine Written in C++

The Clausewitz engine is developed in C++ and being used by developers to build grand strategy-oriented city builder games. Grand strategy games are historical strategy games that include the entire world map where the player is free to customize and built anything which the game offers. These types of games mostly include elements such as economy, diplomacy, and warfare.

Fireball Game Devloped in C++

ClanLib – C++ Game Engine

ClanLib is a multi-platform game toolkit written completely in C++. It supports Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, with limited support for mobile platforms. ClanLib comes with full hardware-accelerated graphics support through OpenGL allowing developers to use the hardware capacity to the maximum in graphics rendering for game objects, and also a software renderer.

StackOverFlow Developer Survey Results 2019

Are C/C++ still relevant in 2020?

C++ will continue to remain popular and in high demand owing to its performance, reliability, and the wide variety of contexts in which it can be used. C++ is still successful in areas where real time performance, micro memory management, large-complex applications and embedded systems are being developed.

Bork3D Game Engine written in C++

The Bork3D Game Engine is an open source, C++ game engine. This had specifically being designed by 3D LLC for mobile device platforms, mainly targeting iPad and iPhone.

Blender Game Engine written in C/C++

Blender is a free and open-source 3D graphics production suite. It is primarily suitable for making interactive real-time content. This amazing game engine is purely written in C/C++ from scratch.

Blend4Web: Award-Winning 3D Web Solution

Blend4Web is an open source 3D graphic software framework. The main advantage of the framework is that it works right within the browser without installing any third party plugins. It can render both graphics as well as audio inside the browser window.

Banshee 3D Game Engine written in C++ 14

Banshee is one of the highest quality and modern game engines written in C++ 14. This is a high performance open source game engine with quality graphics and support for HDR and gamma correct rendering. It also supports multi-threaded rendering. It includes utility...

C Programming Tutorials

C programming tutorials include language constructs, file handling, union and structures, pointers and data structures.

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C# Programming Tutorials

C# Tutorials include .NET introduction, basic constructs, working with name spaces and exception handling.

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Programming FAQs

It includes General Programming language and scripting language Questions, C and C++ Programming Questions, Java Programming Questions and Direct-X Programming Questions

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Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented concepts include polymorphism, inheritance, classes/objects, Encapsulation, Data hiding and overloading.

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C++ Programming Tutorials

C++ programming tutorials include basics, oop concepts, lecture notes, memory management and exception/handling.

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Programming Styles

Tutorials Linux kernel coding styles, indian hill C coding styles and standards, GNU coding styles and standards.

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Data Structures

There are two types of data structures available to C/C++ programmers. One is already built-in and other is complex data structures that can be implemented using built in data types.

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Algorithm Programming

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Binary Search Tree implementation, sorting and standard template library.

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Buy programming books from Amazon

The C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

This book provides the complete guide to ANSI standard C language while showing how to take advantage of C’s rich set of operators, expressions, improved control flow, and data structures. Most importantly, it’s co-written by Dennis M. Ritchie, creator of C programming language.

Programming Resources

Here we have compiled the best resources in learning C and C++ programming that you can find.

C Source Code

C source code include small programs to understand different concepts.

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C++ Source Code

C++ codes include small programs to understand basic C++ concepts.

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This section icnludes downloadable source code which you can compile directly in IDE.

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Free Utilities

Free utilities are small applications written in different programming languages.

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Programming Books

This section includes list of programming books on numbers of programming topics.

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Programming Tips

C/C++ programming tips on different topics. It also includes blog posts.

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The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)

The book provides complete guide to C++ language, its features, and the design techniques used. It is authored by the creator of C++ himself, Bjarne Stroustrup. This is the new edition of the world’s most trusted and widely read guide to C++. It has also been comprehensively updated for the long-awaited C++11 standard.


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