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Is C++ still a good language to learn for 2022?

C++ is a basic programming language that is used ubiquitously to create the back end of various products. Despite lagging behind in the TIOBE rankings, his status has not changed. Most companies cannot do without it, so they always hire C++ developers on their staff. There are plenty of purposes for using the language:

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    How to Create an Online Form Without Coding

    The great thing about computer programming, and the thing that most non-coders don't understand, is that you can get your computer to do just about anything you want it to. If you know how to code, you can build an online form with embedded marketing tools, analytics, adaptive formatting, responsive design, conditional logic and AI-powered auto responders.

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      Rock, Paper, Scissors Game in C++

      This is a simple C++ program to demonstrate rock, paper, scissors game. In this game, players have to choose one of the three options to beat the opponent or the computer itself. The C++ code generates a random choice by creating a character to indicate that option. Options are: r is for 'rock', p is for 'paper', and s is for 'scissors'.

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      Double Pointer (Pointer to Pointer) in C

      A pointer can be declared to point to another pointer which points to a variable. Here, the first pointer contains the address of the second pointer. The second pointer points to an actual memory location where the data is stored, i.e. a variable. That's the reason why we also call such pointers as double pointers.

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      C++ Standard Template Library – List

      The Standard Template Library (STL) is one of the most essential features of C++. It has very much grown in recent years. Basically, the Standard Template Library provides templatized, general-purpose classes as well as methods. These classes and functions/methods implement several popular and most commonly used algorithms as well as data structures.

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      Errors: To Fail or To Recover?

      The environment in which your code runs is imperfect: users will provide invalid inputs, external systems will go down, and your code and other code around it will often contain some number of bugs. Given this, errors are inevitable; things can and will go wrong, and as a result you can’t write robust and reliable code without thinking carefully about error cases.