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This website is developed to help anyone who  wants to learn C/C++ programming. There are plenty of resources for learners such as tutorials, source code, library references, programming syntax and C/C++ programming interview questions.


Blend4Web: Award-Winning 3D Web Solution

Blend4Web is an open source 3D graphic software framework. The main advantage of the framework is that it works right within the browser without installing any third party plugins. It can render both graphics as well as audio inside the browser window.

Banshee 3D Game Engine written in C++ 14

Banshee is one of the highest quality and modern game engines written in C++ 14. This is a high performance open source game engine with quality graphics and support for HDR and gamma correct rendering. It also supports multi-threaded rendering. It includes utility...

Comparing strings in C

String library in C, <cstring> or <string.h> provides several functions to manipulate C strings and arrays. The strcmp() function compares two strings. The function returns 0 if both the strings are equal. The standard form of the strcmp() function is:...

Generating Random Number in C/C++

C Standard Library provides two different methods to generate random numbers. They are: rand() and srand().

Armory 3D Game Engine written in C Language

Armory is an opensource 3D graphic game engine. It comes up with complete Blender integration that has turned it into a full fledged game development tool. The result is an amalgamated and smooth workflow from beginning to the end, allowing you to work faster. The...

Aurora toolset written in C++

The Aurora Engine was developed by BioWare using Borland C++ Builder. It is the successor of the Infinity Engine. This game engine featured real-time lighting, a complete 3D environments, and shadows, as well as surround sound. Aurora Engine was utilized to...

Anvil Game Engine written in C++

Anvil (Scimitar) Anvil is a 3D game engine developed in 2007 by Ubisoft Montreal game developers. It was known as Scimitar until 2009. For Anvil Game Engine ( Scimitar), modeling for characters is done in ZBrush which is a  digital sculpting tool that...

Anura Game Engine – Written in C++

Anura game engine is the tech for running Frogatto & Friends (game) so it was purpose built software. After the first public release of Frogatto & Friends, developers decided to make game engine general-purpose as no further modifications were required. Aura...

Antiryad Gx 3d game engine

Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform 3d game engine that stands out thanks to its vast platform support capability. From its development in 1997 until today, Antiryad Gx compete and even exceeds many of the commercial game engines in stability as well as in...

Aleph One – Open Source Game Engine written in C++

Aleph One is a cross-platform open source game engine. Aleph One is the continuation of Bungie Studios' Marathon 2: Durandal.  The project had started in early 2000, when Bungie launched the code before being attained by Microsoft and urged the fans to develop it...

C Programming Tutorials

C programming tutorials include language constructs, file handling, union and structures, pointers and data structures.

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C# Programming Tutorials

C# Tutorials include .NET introduction, basic constructs, working with name spaces and exception handling.

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Programming FAQs

It includes General Programming language and scripting language Questions, C and C++ Programming Questions, Java Programming Questions and Direct-X Programming Questions

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Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented concepts include polymorphism, inheritance, classes/objects, Encapsulation, Data hiding and overloading.

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C++ Programming Tutorials

C++ programming tutorials include basics, oop concepts, lecture notes, memory management and exception/handling.

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Programming Styles

Linux kernel coding styles, indian hill C coding style and standards, GNU coding styles and standards.

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Data Structures

There are two types of data structures are available to C/C++ programmers. One is already built into language and other is complex data structures that can be implemented using built in data types.

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Algorithm Programming

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Binary Search Tree implementation, sorting and standard template library.

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The C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

This book provides the complete guide to ANSI standard C language.

Most importantly, it’s co-written by Dennis M. Ritchie, creator of C programming language.

Programming Resources

Here we have compiled the best resources in learning C and C++ programming that you can find.

C Source Code

C source code include small programs to understand different concepts.

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C++ Source Code

C++ codes include small programs to understand basic C++ concepts.

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This section icnludes downloadable source code which you can compile directly in IDE.

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Free Utilities

Free utilities are small applications written in different programming languages.

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Programming Books

This section includes list of programming books on numbers of programming topics.

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Programming Tips

C/C++ programming tips on different topics. It also includes blog posts.

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The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)

The book provides complete guide to C++ language, its features, and the design techniques used.

It is authored by the creator of C++ himself, Bjarne Stroustrup.

This is the new edition of the world’s most trusted and widely read guide to C++.

It has also been comprehensively updated for the long-awaited C++11 standard.