Knowledge: How to validate JSON data return is valid?

There are several scenarios where we need different types of JSON validation. In this article, we will cover the following. Here, we will have a look at how to validate incoming JSON data. To check if all required fields are present in the JSON and validate the data.

World’s Largest Wind-Powered Vessel

Sweden’s new car carrier is the world’s largest wind-powered vessel. Oceanbird may resemble a ship of things to come, yet it beholds back to antiquated sea history – in light of the fact that it’s controlled by the breeze.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 – Rewriting DNA

The current year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to two scientists who changed a dark bacterial immune mechanism, generally called CRISPR, into an apparatus that can just and efficiently alter the genomes of everything from wheat to mosquitoes to people.

Brilliant: Helpful to Control All Your Smart Home Gadgets

For any individual who has filled their home with smart home gadgets, controlling, matching and streamlining your utilization of a cadre of associated devices can comprise of continually swiping through different smartphone apps.

Study Reveals Hesitance of Ranchers to Adapt New Technologies

Examination from the University of Kent’s School of Economics reveals new insight into a long-standing deterrent to improving agricultural productivity in developing nations: the hesitance of little scope ranchers to receive present day technologies in view of the dangers related with them.

Analysts Spot Origins of Stereotyping in AI Language Technologies

A group of analysts has recognized a lot of cultural stereotypes that are brought into man-made reasoning models for language from the get-go in their turn of events—a finding that adds to our comprehension of the components that impact results yielded via search engines and other AI-driven instruments.