In the Groove (ITG) is a computer video game that falls under the rhythm game genre. It is similar to other popular rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). This game features a dance pad with directional arrows, and players must step on the corresponding arrows on the pad in sync with the arrows displayed on the screen.

The game includes various difficulty levels, and players progress through songs by hitting the correct arrows with precise timing. As you become more skilled, you can attempt more challenging songs with faster and more complex patterns.

In the Groove is known for its diverse and energetic music selection, ranging from electronic dance music to other genres.

It was developed by Roxor Games, a division of Roxor International. The game was initially released in 2004 and was primarily designed for arcade systems.

ITG Game Engine

ITG was initially developed by using a modified version of the open-source dance simulation engine called StepMania Game Engine. StepMania is a free and open-source rhythm game engine that allows users to play and create their own dance patterns for various songs.

The game developers used the StepMania engine as a foundation and customized it to suit the specific needs of their game. This modification allowed to create the unique gameplay mechanics, visual style, and features that make In the Groove distinct from other rhythm games.

It’s worth noting that In the Groove faced legal issues related to intellectual property, which led to a settlement that limited the distribution of the game. As a result, the StepMania community and other rhythm game enthusiasts have continued to develop and expand upon the StepMania engine for their projects.

In the Groove provides an engaging and physically active gaming experience for those who enjoy rhythm games.