Banshee is one of the highest quality and modern game engine written in C++ 14 and C# Programming Language. This is a high performance open source game engine with quality graphics and support for HDR and gamma correct rendering. It also supports multi-threaded rendering. It includes utility libraries and math, Vulkan, OpenGL and DirectX 11 support that makes engine capable of handling common tasks such as GUI, input, audio, physics, scripting and animation. It also supports many other popular resource formats as well.

Banshee game engine offers a customization and instinctive editor, which allows you to manage assets, compile scripts, and build levels. It allows enable you to test and publish your game. You can extend or customize the editor with scripts in order to meet the exact requirements of your own project.

Currently this engine is windows based only however, support for Mac and Linux is planned for future:

Currently it is Windows only but I have taken special care to use as little platform specific functionality and encapsulated it in such a way so that porting can be relatively painless – Mac & Linux is something I have planned for the future.


Game Engine Features

  • Fully featured Editor
  • Support for C# Programming Language and Visual Studio scripting
  • Modern C++ 14 Core
  • High performance GUI with controls and layouts
  • HDR and Gamma Correction
  • Asynchronous resource loading
  • Plugin based importer interface.
  • Vulkan API, DX11 and OpenGL 4.5 render backends

Currently this game engine is in development so no games are written in it.

Useful Resources

Game Engine Website: