The Bork3D Game Engine is an open source, C++ game engine. This had specifically being designed by 3D LLC for mobile device platforms, mainly targeting iPad and iPhone.

Many of the iOS games have been developed using Bork3D game engine. Bork3D has used OpenAL for audio and OpenGL ES as well as OpenGL for rendering.

On iOS, Xcode is required build to source code, where as on MacOS Xcode 7 is required. Visual Studio 2013 is required along with FreeImage.dll is required to run the game on windows.


Some other prominent features of Bork3D game engine are mentioned below.

Bork3D Game Engine Features

  • SDK runs on Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X
  • Data-driven UI system
  • Tool pipeline supports 3dsmax, Collada and Maya
  • Integrated web server
  • BSD-style open source license
  • Stereoscopic 3D on nVidia 3D Vision systems (experimental)

Games Developed in Bork3D Game Engine

Useful Resources

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