4A-Engine is one of the complete game development platforms. The programming language used for the development of this game engine is C++.

It is a 3D oriented engine. Its target platforms are Windows, PS3 (Play Station 3), PS4 (Play Station 4), Xbox 360, Xbox one, Linux and DirectX9 / DirectX10.

It is developed by 4A Games Limited which is a Ukrainian-Maltese video game developer based in Sliema, Malta. The programmers behind the development of this impressive engine is lead programmers and co-founders of 4A Games, Oles Shiskovtsov and Aleksandr Maksimchuk.

4A Games is a multicultural, multinational video game development studio which is known for its atmospheric first person shooters Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light and Metro: Redux games.

4A Game Engine Logo
4A Game Engine Logo

The engine features full DirectX11 support and is one of the first engines to support this.


Further specifications

  • ADS (Advanced Deferred Shading)
    In huge complex scenes, it allows hundreds of lights in one frame.
  • Weather Models
  • Day/night models
  • HDR Rendering
    4A Engine allows for exposure adaption, tone mapping, and blue shift, for human eye/camera perceptual rendering using floating point buffers.
  • Penumbra and Umbra
  • Lightening and Volumetric Fogging
  • Real time reflective lights
  • Global illumination effects
  • Geometric displacement mapping and Parallax occlusion maps
  • Deferred reflections

Games Developed using 4A Engine

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