ORX is a cross platform, open source, portable, 2D oriented game engine developed by ORX Projects. It is mainly written in C and C++ Programming languages. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and IOS. Most stable version of ORX is released In May 10, 2020. ORX is published under a free software license called ZLIB license.

More than 60% of the source source code of this game is written in C Programming while more than 30% is written in C++ Programming language. Rest of the code is written in Python, Objective-C and Lua.


Core of ORX is independent of any platform. It is a Data-Driven and Plug-in based architecture. All the features which are platform/OS dependent are implemented through plugins which allows user to develop a game with a small number of code lines and reduce the time of development. These plug-ins can be loaded at runtime (hot plug) or they can be embedded at link-time as accelerometer plug-in for joystick and multi-touch plug-in for mouse.

The engine primarily focuses on ease of use. The source package also comes with a number of well commented tutorials on how to use the engine. Moreover it provides community support with the forum to make quarries and to report bugs.

ORX is a very fast and well optimized game engine. The games developed with ORX have been tested and these games provide smooth 60FPS on 1080p. ORX main objective is to provide fast game prototyping and development.

ORX version 0.9.0b was released with some added libraries with source package. In 2009, ORX version 1.0rc0 was released. This version of ORX added support for Mac OS X (x86) as well as the support for Win32 and Linux (x86). Generic input system like keyboard, mouse and joystick input and fragment shader support were introduced. ORX version 1.2 was released in 2010. It came with bugs fixes and optimizations. The major update was the support for iOS and Unicode.

ORX version 1.3rc0 was introduced in 2011. It came out with a bunch of new features like joint support, variable width fonts, OpenGL 2.0 and others. Previous issues and bugs were also resolved. This was the first time when android support was also added to the engine. ORX version 1.4cr0 was introduced in 2012. Some new features were added to ORX in this update like Interactive console, commands, textured mesh rendering, geometry rendering and previously known issues were fixed.


  • Physics (Collision Handling and Rigid Body)
  • 3D Acceleration and Positioning
  • Sprite Rendering
  • Multiple Camera/Viewports
  • Texture Manipulation
  • Audio (sound and music handling)
  • Plug-in Based Architecture
  • Multi-Platform
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Core is Independent of Platform

Games Developed using ORX

Hazardous Attack
Hazardous Attack

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