Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform 3d game engine that stands out thanks to its vast platform support capability.

From its development in 1997 until today, Antiryad Gx compete and even exceeds many of the commercial game engines in stability as well as in feature set. This amazing game engine comes with integrated tools and editor.

This game engine is developed by Arkham Development which is a French company located near Paris (France), providing the game services, realtime 2D and 3D solutions and multiples technologies.

Antiryad Gx 3d game engine was first released in 20014 and currently in Version 4.7 which was released in September 2019. The future road map a list of features are available o their website for the next few years.

Antiryad Gx was used to create more than 40 projects by various companies and organizations.

Official Website

Features and Specifications

  • Real-time Shadow
  • Full-game framework
  • Full codec for desktop PCs as well as mobile phones
  • Documented and simplified API, which is fully platform independent
  • Integrated Editor and Tools
  • Plugin system to enhance with external libraries
  • Supported languages are C, C++ and Gel


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