Anura game engine is the tech for running Frogatto & Friends (game) so it was purpose built software.

After the first public release of Frogatto & Friends, developers decided to make game engine general-purpose as no further modifications were required. Aura can be used to write any sort of game without the need of any further engine modifications.

Developers decided to separate the discrete packs of script and content that are required to initiate an individual game by making a formal way and called modules.

Anura game engine is written 80% in C++ and 14% in C.


Anura provides its own markup language, FSON, its own logic language, FFL, and comes with its own graphical level-editor. It supports Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Anura – Specifications

  • Anura supports motion blur by allowing a custom object to have a number of blur objects attached to it.
  • Anura supports particle systems, a common graphical technique used to visually simulate things like spraying water, smoke, fire, sparks, dust.
  • It provides level editor to edit the current level in the game.

Games Developed using Anura

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