OpenClonk is a multi-platform, open source game engine,  developed by OpenClonk Developers  in 2010. OpenClonk is not just a flexible 2D scene game engine but it is also a game. OpenClonk engine is licensed under ISC License and the game content is licensed under the CC BY-SA, CC BY and CCO. OpenClonk is written in C++. It developed games for multiple operating systems which are Windows, Linux and OS X.

This game was initially known as Clonk, developed by RedWolf Design between 1994 and 2014. In 2009, when this game became open source software and freeware, the community of this game started Clonk’s development under the name of OpenClonk. This game has its own scripting language called C4Script. With this game engine using C4Script, content of the game is created.

In 2003, RedWolf developed the first clonk title Clonk Endeavour. This title was a success and it was available in the form of CD as well as Digital Download. Several extensions were added to Endeavour like full-screen menu. This game got its new sequel in 2008, named as Clonk Rage which became the stable version of the game. Endeavour became Freeware after few days of the initial release of the Clonk Rage.

Clonk Extreme was considered as the next title of the game series. But this title’s development halted when Mathes Bender, the RedWolf Design’s leader, started working on other projects.

The development Clonk Rage continued until 2014 when this development was closed and the support for Clonk Rage was officially ended. The game engine and the game content were available to everyone as an open-source license. That’s why it is now known as “OpenClonk” or “Clonk”.

OpenClonk does not support backward compatibility. It supports a zooming camera and a complete redesign-able pack of objects. Though OpenClonk supports 3D graphics but the game world is still in 2D platform. This is a game which comes with an integrated editor and developer mode which allows players to create their own mods into the game directly. Its development is done on a git repository.


  • 3D Rendering
  • Multiplayer Options
  • Zoom Camera
  • New and Improved HUD (Heads-up Display)
  • Versatile 2D Engine
  • Vast Landscapes

Game Developed in OpenClonk

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