Jade is a Cross platform proprietary game engine developed and used by Ubisoft Montpeller (a French development studio of Ubisoft). The engine is developed in C++ and develops  games for Microsoft Windows, Android, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii etc. this engine has been developed over time to produce many popular game series.

At Ubisoft Montpeller, two developers Michel Ancel and Frédéric Houde established Jade game engine to develop Beyond Good and Evil game released in 2003. The name of the engine was kept after the lead character Jade in this game. This game was critically acclaimed and got nominated for the “Game of The Year” in 2004 by “Game Developers Choice Awards”. Its sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2 is under development.

 Ubisoft developed many other game engines.  Jade was used in many successful series by Ubisoft.  One of the series is Rayman Developed in Esenthel Engine that has produced a total of 45 games across different platforms. Some of these games were developed on UbiArt; the next engine developed by Ubisoft.

Another hit series started by Jade engine is Prince of Persia. It is a third person action-adventure puzzle game first released in 2003. This gameplay was written and designed by Jordan Mechner. The game was nominated by many awards and many declared it to be the Best Game of All Times.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TNMT) was another Action-Adventure game based of the film of the same name. This series was considered to be strictly for kids. Naruto is another fighting series developed using jade engine.  It is due to its great flexibility that includes different gameplay sequence and detailed graphics on both gameplay and cinematic.

Features of Jade Game Engine

  • Wind simulated system
  • Immersive environment
  • Lightmaps
  • Advanced AI
  • Detailed worlds

Games Developed in Jade Engine

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