Few days before I was browsing through an interesting website about vehicle tracking systems “FleetMatics”, it recalled my memory about a job which I did in the past. I worked as a part time software engineer during 2005-2006 at a company in my home country which is one of the pioneers in GPS vehicle tracking systems and GIS related services. I worked in a team of five people colleagues responsible for developing and maintaining GIS products.

GPS fleet tracking products and services are more comprehensive and more complete in a term that they provide more options to control the vehicle and to the management. For example

With the FleetMatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution, you don’t have to install any additional software or hardware on your computer in order to manage your fleet. You can use our fleet tracking system 24/7 from any computer with Internet access.

And also alerts the manager if the drive is deviating from the route set by the manager or the company. The FleetMatics Red Flag Alerts notify you when drivers deviate from parameters you set including speed, vehicle movement outside business hours, unauthorized journeys and more. In addition, you can set alerts to notify you when your vehicles need scheduled maintenance.
There are also some additional live GPS Fleet tracking features which provides more control over vehicle tracking and reporting.

  • Nearest Vehicle Locator  Click on any point on the map or address and instantly see the Top 5 nearest vehicles to that location, including exact mileage.
  • Points of Interest (POIs)  One click and all your POI will be displayed on the map with easily identifiable icons
  • Search facility – Pinpoint any address on the map and save it as a POI
  • Reports Run your Daily or Detailed Report right from the Live Fleet Track screen to quickly see where your vehicles have been that day.

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