This Java code is a simple console-based calculator that allows users to perform various mathematical operations. The calculator supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, cube, square root, and power operations. Users can navigate through the calculator’s functionalities by selecting options from a main menu displayed in the console.

The code structure includes a class named “Calculator” with static variables for input values and a user interface (UI) method to display the main menu. The main functionality is implemented through separate methods for each mathematical operation, ensuring a modular and organized approach. Input validation is incorporated to handle potential errors, such as entering invalid characters or excessively long input strings.

The calculator code serves as a good starting point for a novice programmer to understand the basics of modular programming and user input handling. It offers a practical example of implementing a simple calculator with various mathematical operations. The novice programmer can further enhance the code by addressing the mentioned issues and possibly adding more features or improving the user interface.