This source code shows you how to connect to Oracle Database 11g and execute queries using the PHP. First of all it sets the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID Environment variables using the putenv() method.

Note that to run this code, you will need PHP OCI8 extension enable in php.ini file.

Here are some of the common OCI8 functions which are used to perform different operations using the PHP Source Code.

oci_bind_array_by_nameBinds PHP array to Oracle PL/SQL array by name
oci_bind_by_nameBinds the PHP variable to the Oracle placeholder
oci_cancelCancels reading from cursor
oci_closeCloses Oracle connection
oci_commitCommits outstanding statements
oci_connectEstablishes a connection to the Oracle server
oci_define_by_nameUses a PHP variable for the define-step during a SELECT
oci_errorReturns the last error found
oci_executeExecutes a statement
oci_fetch_allFetches all rows of result data into an array
oci_fetch_arrayReturns the next row from the result data as an associative or numeric array, or both
oci_fetch_assocReturns the next row from the result data as an associative array
oci_fetch_objectReturns the next row from the result data as an object
oci_fetch_rowReturns the next row from the result data as a numeric array
oci_fetchFetches the next row into result-buffer
oci_field_is_nullChecks if the field is NULL
oci_field_nameReturns the name of a field from the statement
oci_field_precisionTell the precision of a field
oci_field_scaleTell the scale of the field
oci_field_sizeReturns the size of the field
oci_field_type_rawTell the raw Oracle data type of the field
oci_field_typeReturns data type of the field
oci_free_statementFrees all resources associated with statement or cursor
oci_internal_debugEnables or disables internal debug output
oci_new_collectionAllocates new collection object
oci_new_connectEstablishes a new connection to the Oracle server
oci_new_cursorAllocates and returns a new cursor (statement handle)
oci_new_descriptorInitializes a new empty LOB or FILE descriptor
oci_num_fieldsReturns the number of result columns in a statement
oci_num_rowsReturns number of rows affected during statement execution
oci_parsePrepares Oracle statement for execution
oci_password_changeChanges password of Oracle’s user
oci_pconnectConnect to an Oracle database using a persistent connection
oci_resultReturns a field’s value from a fetched row
oci_rollbackRolls back outstanding transaction
oci_server_versionReturns server version
oci_set_prefetchSets number of rows to be prefetched
oci_statement_typeReturns the type of an OCI statement