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How to use PHP with Oracle Database 11g

This source code shows you how to connect to Oracle Database 11g and execute queries using the PHP. First of all it sets the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID Environment variables using the putenv() method. Note that to run this code, you will need PHP OCI8 extension enable in php.ini file.

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Connect to sFTP Server in PHP

To use SFTP within your PHP application, a series of fundamental steps need to be executed. First and foremost, you must establish a connection to the SFTP server by utilizing the ssh2 extension, which facilitates secure communication. Subsequently, authentication is crucial to ensure the identity of the connecting entity. This is achieved by providing valid credentials, including a username and password, to the SFTP server. Once authenticated, your PHP script gains access to the server and enables file-related operations such as listing directory contents, downloading files to the local environment, and uploading files to the remote server.

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Search the LDAP Directory in PHP

This PHP code connects to an LDAP server, performs a search for entries with the last name and then sorts and prints them alphabetically. The sorting is done by a custom function called compareEntry, which compares entries based on last names and first names. It uses the LDAP functions to communicate with the server and showcases basic error handling.

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Get Detailed Server Information in PHP

Welcome to the PHP Server Information Script – a robust script designed to provide valuable insights into your server environment. This script offers a overview of key aspects such as PHP memory usage, system memory details, and OS/Web Server information.

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