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Simple Image Viewer in Java with Swing

This Java program is a simple image viewer application designed for novice Java programmers. The program utilizes the Swing library to create a graphical user interface (GUI) with a JFrame, JPanel, and JButton components. The main functionality of the Java program is to select an image file through a JFileChooser dialog, load the selected image and display it within the JPanel.

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String Sorting in Java

In this article, we explore different sorting techniques applied to strings in Java. We will look into the implementation of the direct insertion sorting algorithm and more advanced techniques such as the Merge Sort and Quick Sort algorithms. Each approach offers unique advantages by providing Java developers with flexibility in choosing the most suitable method based on the specific requirements of their applications.

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Simple Mouse Tracker GUI using Java Swing

This Java source code defines a simple mouse tracking program using Swing which is a graphical user interface toolkit. The program displays a window with a drawing surface that captures and visualizes various mouse events. The mouse’s current coordinates, modifier keys (Shift, Control, Meta, and Alt), and the type of the most recent mouse event are displayed in real-time on the window.

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Interactive Java Stopwatch Component

The StopWatch class introduces a versatile stopwatch component with enhanced functionality in Java. Extending JLabel and implementing the MouseListener interface, this interactive component not only measures elapsed time but also dynamically updates to display the current time in the format “Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds”.

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