This C program is a simple console-based implementation of a number-shuffling game. The game presents a grid of numbers, and the objective is to rearrange them in ascending order. The player can move the numbers by pressing the corresponding number keys, and the game tracks the number of moves taken to complete the puzzle.

The numbers are predefined from 1-8 and they can be sorted out first and then the numbers are easily shuffled to generate random sequence. It’s a very nice program for some one who have just started learning programming in C language.

Gameplay of the Shuffle Game

  • The game starts with an introductory animation and a main menu allowing players to choose between starting the game or reading the rules.
  • In the gameplay, the player interacts with a grid of numbers, initially presented in a shuffled order.
  • The player can make moves by entering a number corresponding to the position of the empty space in the grid. The goal is to arrange the numbers from 1 to 8 in ascending order.
  • The game provides feedback on the validity of each move and prevents illegal moves.
  • If the player successfully arranges the numbers in ascending order, they win the game, and the credits are displayed.
  • The game also includes a maximum move limit to add an element of challenge.

Programming Concepts

You will learn the following programming concepts after going through the source code of this game.

  • User Input Handling: The game processes user input to allow players to make moves and navigate through the menu.
  • Arrays in C: The grid of numbers is represented using an array, and the program manipulates the array elements based on user input.
  • Loops and Conditionals: The game utilizes loops and conditionals to implement the main game loop, check for winning conditions, and validate user moves.
  • Functions in C: Various functions are used to modularize the code and perform specific tasks, such as drawing the grid, checking moves, and handling the game’s initialization.
  • Console Interaction: The game uses standard console input/output for a text-based interface.

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