This Java source code is an example of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with different Java Swing GUI elements such as TextBox, Buttons, TextArea, Text Area and Labels. It is implemented using Java Swing API which provides a set of “lightweight” (all-Java language) components. This code example extends the functionality of JFrame class to show a JFrame window and Implements ActionListener on buttons to catch the click event on those buttons.

This Java Swing example uses several Swing components to create a graphical user interface (GUI). Here are the main components used in the code:

  1. JFrame: The main window or frame of the GUI.
  2. JComboBox: A dropdown list or combo box for selecting options.
  3. JLabel: A non-editable text component used to display information or instructions.
  4. JButton: A button component that triggers actions when clicked.
  5. JTextArea: A multi-line text area where you can display or input text.
  6. JScrollPane: A scrollable container that wraps around another component (in this case, the JTextArea) to provide scrolling functionality.
  7. Container: A generic component that can hold and organize other components.
  8. JCheckBox: A checkbox that allows the user to toggle a binary choice, such as enabling or disabling a feature. In this example, it’s labeled “Enable Feature.”
  9. JRadioButton and ButtonGroup: JRadioButton components represent radio buttons that are grouped together using a ButtonGroup. Radio buttons within the same group ensure that only one of them can be selected at a time.
  10. FlowLayout: A layout manager that arranges components in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom flow.
  11. JMenuBar, JMenu, and JMenuItem: JMenuBar represents the menu bar at the top of the frame. JMenu represents a dropdown menu within the menu bar, and JMenuItem represents individual items within the menu.

These components are used to create a simple interactive program with buttons, a combo box, and text areas, providing a basic understanding of building a GUI in Java.

Java Swing GUI Example Code

Here is the java example code to show Swing GUI elements.

Screenshot of the Swing GUI Example

When you compiler and run the above code, you will see a similar screens of the swing gui example as below.

Java Swing GUI Example

Java Swing GUI Example