The C programming language is a general programming language. It can be used to program anything, like computers, embedded systems, operating systems and computer applications. It is a structured and procedural programming language. In the beginning it was developed for UNIX, for system development but due to its ease of use and simplicity it has been used for application development. It is now being used at almost any computer platform and operating system. It is an excellent programming language for due to its simplicity of expression, the compactness of the code, and the wide range of applicability. Also, due to the simplicity and ease of writing a C compiler, it is usually the first high level language available on any computer, including microcomputers, minicomputers, and mainframes. It can be the first step towards object oriented programming like C++ or Java. C programming language is almost available on any platform and can be used to program any computer.

“C programming language is specifically created in order to allow the programmer access to almost all of the machine’s internals – registers, I/O slots and absolute addresses”.

Early Development

Originally C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie of Bell Laboratories in 1972. C programming language was developed to run under UNIX for system development, there has been lot of efforts to standardize C programming language during the 1970s and 1980s, and its different versions were introduced for different platforms. One of the versions of C was developed by ANSI which was called ANSI-C Programming language in 1983. Another version was also developed in 1990 by ISO.

Why C Language?

“You can program anything in C” this statement was made by an experience c programmer. C programming language provides ease and flexibility to the programmer. I give the full control to the programmer at any stage during the program development. Programmers have a full control over the program behavior, memory management, and the flow of the program. One of the examples of being most popular language is the fact that “C programming language is the most frequently studies languages in computer science classes.” Many of the modern programming languages are based on C language. Most popular languages like C++ (Object Oriented Programming for software development), Java, Perl and PHP (used for web application development).

First Program in C language – “Hello World”

C language is quite straight forward and simple to use programming language. Here is the most simple program that can be written in C programming language. The detailed information can be found in the coming tutorials.