This is the complete C source code of the most favorite flash game ‘Web Breaker’. The source code is written completely in C/C++ programming language. The game using 256 VGA graphics (which runs in DOS/Console graphics mode).

You can use any C++ compiler to build and run this code, however this source code is tested on  Dev C++ compiler.

Brick Game Description

The game includes a paddle, a ball, and a set of bricks arranged in different layers. The paddle and ball are displayed using graphical shapes and images.

The game logic involves moving the ball, deflecting it off boundaries, and checking for collisions with the bricks. Bricks are represented in a 2D array, and their positions are updated as the ball hits them.

The code checks for collisions between the ball and the bricks and then updates the game state accordingly. It also handles paddle movement using arrow keys and updates the paddle’s position.

Source Code of Brick Game