This is a simple C++ program to make a car race game. It uses object oriented approach to generate different objects in the game such as using Car, Obstacle and Timer classes.

When running, this car race game draws objects on screen by using Console Graphics Mode. It used built in function initgraph() to initialize the graphics drivers and custom draw() method of Car class to draw car on screen. Most of the drawing methods are used from <graphics.h> library such as setcolor(), setfillstyle(), rectangle(), line(), and outtextxy() to draw text.

How to play the car race game?

You have to reach the finish line before the time goes out, use a scat-pack to speed up. There are many hurdles in your way so you have to move the car left or right by using the arrow keys.

Game Source Code

  Car Race Game (28.6 KiB, 17,963 hits)

Download Turbo C++ For Windows using the this link.

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