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  Stack Implementation in C
» 79.2 KiB - 14,359 hits - October 7, 2008
This C program actually simulates the stack operations graphically and in text mode. User can Add, Delete, Search, and Replace the items from stack.

  Text Editor
» 92.8 KiB - 12,922 hits - October 7, 2008
This program is written in pure C programming language. The interface of the C program is just like Turbo C/C++ compiler like interface

  C/C++ Compiler Interface
» 52.1 KiB - 7,478 hits - October 7, 2008
It is a small program that shows a smal C program written in text mode graphics. It compiles the program and shows its output.

  Profit/Loss Calculator
» 55.1 KiB - 5,846 hits - October 7, 2008
This is a small utility to calculate the net income by checking a person’s salary and monthly expenses, on the basis of this information it calculates the loss/profit.

  Sort Huge amount of data
» 20.0 KiB - 2,996 hits - October 7, 2008
The bigsort routine implements a way to sort huge amounts of data that do not fit into main memory by using a multi-phase sorting on files. It is a implementation from the book “Algorithms and data structures” by Niklaus Wirth. Additionally, this routine recognizes small amounts of data that do fit into memory and resorts to a in-place quicksort.

  Generating fast sorting routines
» 7.2 KiB - 2,557 hits - October 7, 2008
In a lot of programs my gensort-utility turned out to be very useful. It consists simply of the header file “gensort.h“, contained in the above package. To obtain a sorting routine, simply define the name of the routine, the data type you want to sort and how to compare items with preprocessor symbols.

  A2FPLOT (Read ASCII data and write in fplot style)
» 142.1 KiB - 2,373 hits - October 7, 2008
To configure the program, edit the file “jsconfig.h”. Since this is a general configuration file, not all settings may apply to this package. If in doubt, use grep or anything else to find out if a specific configuration symbol is used somewhere.

  FLIB2C (Fortran Library to C)
» 23.0 KiB - 2,278 hits - October 7, 2008
FLIB2C is a tool to create header files that provide a simple and easy-to-use interface between FORTRAN (library) routines and C.

Tutorials Code

  Binary Trees
» 49.7 KiB - 13,548 hits - July 15, 2009
Stanford CS Education Library: introduces the basic concepts of binary trees, and works through a series of practice problems with solution code in C/C++ and Java. Binary trees have an elegant recursive pointer structure, so they are a good way to learn recursive pointer algorithms.

  DirectDraw Sample Program
» 18.1 KiB - 8,731 hits - October 10, 2008
This is a very simple DirectDraw sample.

  Arrays as Data Structure
» 2.2 KiB - 8,149 hits - March 28, 2009
This is C and C++ source code to demonstrate the use of Arrays as data structure. Program contains four different C/C++ files which includes single and multidimensional arrays.


  Introduction - C++ Lecture Notes
» 111.9 KiB - 15,564 hits - May 30, 2015
An introduction to C++ and hello world program, basic language features and variables.

  Advanced topics II - C++ Lecture Notes
» 218.3 KiB - 11,044 hits - May 30, 2015

  Memory Management - C++ Lecture Notes
» 513.5 KiB - 8,574 hits - May 30, 2015
Memory management, Allocation and Deallocation, new and delete operators.

  Object-Oriented Programming - C++ Lecture Notes
» 147.0 KiB - 8,309 hits - May 30, 2015
The Basic Ideas of OOP, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance.

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