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  Stack Implementation in C
» 79.2 KiB - 14,591 hits - October 7, 2008
This C program actually simulates the stack operations graphically and in text mode. User can Add, Delete, Search, and Replace the items from stack.

  Text Editor
» 92.8 KiB - 13,397 hits - October 7, 2008
This program is written in pure C programming language. The interface of the C program is just like Turbo C/C++ compiler like interface

  C/C++ Compiler Interface
» 52.1 KiB - 7,723 hits - October 7, 2008
It is a small program that shows a smal C program written in text mode graphics. It compiles the program and shows its output.

  Profit/Loss Calculator
» 55.1 KiB - 6,084 hits - October 7, 2008
This is a small utility to calculate the net income by checking a person’s salary and monthly expenses, on the basis of this information it calculates the loss/profit.

  Sort Huge amount of data
» 20.0 KiB - 3,423 hits - October 7, 2008
The bigsort routine implements a way to sort huge amounts of data that do not fit into main memory by using a multi-phase sorting on files. It is a implementation from the book “Algorithms and data structures” by Niklaus Wirth. Additionally, this routine recognizes small amounts of data that do fit into memory and resorts to a in-place quicksort.

  Generating fast sorting routines
» 7.2 KiB - 2,972 hits - October 7, 2008
In a lot of programs my gensort-utility turned out to be very useful. It consists simply of the header file “gensort.h“, contained in the above package. To obtain a sorting routine, simply define the name of the routine, the data type you want to sort and how to compare items with preprocessor symbols.

  FLIB2C (Fortran Library to C)
» 23.0 KiB - 2,659 hits - October 7, 2008
FLIB2C is a tool to create header files that provide a simple and easy-to-use interface between FORTRAN (library) routines and C.

  A2FPLOT (Read ASCII data and write in fplot style)
» 142.1 KiB - 2,552 hits - October 7, 2008
To configure the program, edit the file “jsconfig.h”. Since this is a general configuration file, not all settings may apply to this package. If in doubt, use grep or anything else to find out if a specific configuration symbol is used somewhere.

Tutorials Code

  Binary Trees
» 49.7 KiB - 13,846 hits - July 15, 2009
Stanford CS Education Library: introduces the basic concepts of binary trees, and works through a series of practice problems with solution code in C/C++ and Java. Binary trees have an elegant recursive pointer structure, so they are a good way to learn recursive pointer algorithms.

  DirectDraw Sample Program
» 18.1 KiB - 9,047 hits - October 10, 2008
This is a very simple DirectDraw sample.

  Arrays as Data Structure
» 2.2 KiB - 8,455 hits - March 28, 2009
This is C and C++ source code to demonstrate the use of Arrays as data structure. Program contains four different C/C++ files which includes single and multidimensional arrays.


  Introduction - C++ Lecture Notes
» 111.9 KiB - 22,500 hits - May 30, 2015
An introduction to C++ and hello world program, basic language features and variables.

  Advanced topics II - C++ Lecture Notes
» 218.3 KiB - 14,610 hits - May 30, 2015

  Object-Oriented Programming - C++ Lecture Notes
» 147.0 KiB - 10,734 hits - May 30, 2015
The Basic Ideas of OOP, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance.

  Functions - C++ Lecture Notes
» 459.7 KiB - 10,565 hits - May 30, 2015
Basic use of functions, declaration, arguments, return values and function overloading.

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