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  Shuffle Game
» 4.5 KiB - 18,217 hits - Last Update: February 2, 2024
The primary objective of the Shuffle Game is to arrange a set of numbers in ascending order within a grid. Players achieve this by making valid moves that swap the position of numbers in the grid. The game keeps track of the number of moves made by the player.

  Bank Management Program
» 3.8 KiB - 41,429 hits - Last Update: February 2, 2024
This C program is a simple banking system designed for novice programmers. The program uses graphics.h for graphical user interface elements, such as windows and buttons, and provides basic banking functionalities like creating a new account, listing all accounts, and handling account transactions. The program starts with an introduction, displaying the name of the bank using basic graphics functions. Main menu shows options to create a new account, list all accounts, show individual account info, or quit the program. It saves saves account information such as account number, name, balance, address, date, deposit, and withdrawal, in a file.

  Graphics Header Library File (graphics.h)
» 11.2 KiB - 2,015 hits - Last Update: January 4, 2023
Graphics header library file (graphics.h) which contains definitions for graphics drivers, Colors for setpalette and setallpalette, graphical elements such as lines, and patterns.

  Ping C Program
» 7.1 KiB - 3,915 hits - Last Update: January 18, 2021
This sample C program demonstrates how an ICMP ping app can be written using the SOCK_RAW socket type and IPPROTO_ICMP protocol. Ping is a necessary tool in any Operating System to debug the IP address of the network device to see if the device is reachable.

  C++ Wave File Writer
» 6.1 KiB - 2,607 hits - Last Update: February 13, 2021
This C++ program is capable of turning a text file describing the notes of a piece of music into an audio file (.wav). The program reads the contents of the input file i.e. input.txt, constructs Song, Voice and Note objects describing the notes in the file, and call the different functions of Song and Voice and Note C++ classes.

  L1 Cache implementation in C
» 299.2 KiB - 3,462 hits - Last Update: January 4, 2021
This is a C program to demonstrate cache mechanism by simulating a cache in C. The source code can run in any C Compiler with minor modifications if required. It can run on real memory traces as input to your cache simulator. We have implemented two cache replacement policies i.e. least recently used (LRU) and First-in first-out (FIFO) replacement policies.

  Vigenere Encryption and Decryption in C++
» 9.0 KiB - 3,533 hits - Last Update: January 1, 2021
In this C++ source code, we show classes capable of encoding and decoding messages according to the Vigenere cipher. Both classes i.e. VigenereEncrypt and VigenereDecrypt inherit from the EncryptedFileWriter and EncryptedFileReader classes respectively. Both these classes override the encrypt function of EncryptedFileWriter and decrypt function of EncryptedFileReader to achieve the desired results.

  Tic Tac Toe Game pro
» 174.0 KiB - 32,968 hits - Last Update: February 14, 2020
Pro version of Tic Tac Toe console Game. It has been fully ported to latest C++ standard and can be build/compiled for 32bit or 64bit windows architectures using Visual Studio 2017.Complete Visual studio project is provided with the source code, so just download the code, open up the solution in visual studio and run the program.Enjoy!

  Car Race Game
» 28.6 KiB - 18,004 hits - Last Update: December 30, 2018
This is a simple C++ program to make a car race game. It uses object oriented approach to generate different objects in the game such as using Car, Obstacle and Timer classes.

  Snake Game
» 17.6 KiB - 8,090 hits - Last Update: February 1, 2018
Snake Game

  Cache Coherence Mechanism
» 12.5 KiB - 7,325 hits - Last Update: January 31, 2018
This project simulates the cache coherence problem graphically.

  Paint in DOS
» 66.6 KiB - 7,219 hits - Last Update: January 31, 2018
C program to demonstrate Paint in command mode.

  Advanced topics II - C++ Lecture Notes
» 218.3 KiB - 18,702 hits - Last Update: May 30, 2015

  Advanced topics I - C++ Lecture Notes
» 111.7 KiB - 12,823 hits - Last Update: May 30, 2015
Templates, Standard Template Library and Operator Overloading.

  Memory Management - C++ Lecture Notes
» 513.5 KiB - 14,493 hits - Last Update: May 30, 2015
Memory management, Allocation and Deallocation, new and delete operators.

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