C implementation of Text Box

A small text box for console based applications. It can be used as a help dialog box or showing the tips, hints in a game or as an information box. Its length and height can be changed.

Making Mouse Pointers

How to create the mouse pointers in c language. Different shapes can be given to the mouse pointer by changing the values of the cursor variable array.

UDP Sender and Receiver

Sender: This sample sends UDP datagrams to the specified recipient. The -c option first calls connect() to associate the recipient’s IP address with the socket handle so that the send() function can be used as opposed to the sendto() call. Compile: cl -o Sender...

C Program to illustrate how to write ICMP Ping program

This sample illustrates how an ICMP ping app can be written using the SOCK_RAW socket type and IPPROTO_ICMP protocol. By creating a raw socket, the underlying layer does not change the protocol header so that when we submit the ICMP header nothing is changed so that the receiving end will see an ICMP packet. Additionally, we use the record route IP option to get a round trip path to the endpoint. Note that the size of the IP option header that records the route is limited to nine IP addresses.


This is the graphics.h header file which contains all the graphics functions and their implementations. It is quite nice to have a look at header files just to know more about functions and their parameters. Also it tells about different structures, enums defined in...

Print pyramids and diamonds shpaes in C language

I have been receiving lot of emails and requests through the forums and inline forums attached to the tutorials about how to print pyramids and diamonds in different formats. So I have written this article to demonstrate how you can print pyramids and diamonds using...

Shortest Path

This program finds the shortest path between two cities, provided that the map of the two cities and the distances are provided.   Shortest Path (109.7 KiB, 9,969...

PC to PC Communication in C

This is a C program to demonstrate PC to PC Communication via RS232 port. Chat with only 3-wire connection. This program is tested with Turbo C++ editor Version 3.0. How ever, authors are not responsible for any damages that may happen to your computer. Please contact us if any problem exits.

Find the longest common sub-sequence between two strings

This programme finds the longest common sub-sequence between two strings. It implements the most famous dynamic programming algorithm. Output is a null-terminated string, so must be the input This package is provided as is with no warranty. The author is not...

Optimal Pair-wise Sequence Alignment

Optimal Pair-wise Sequence Alignment It implements Smith-Waterman with affine gap penalties. It requires at least one blank line between the two sequences. Ignores input lines with non-alphabetical characters This program is provided as is with no warranty. The author...

TCP client and server

This example illustrates a simple TCP server that accepts incoming client connections. Once a client connection is established, a thread is spawned to read data from the client and echo it back (if the echo option is not disabled). Compile: cl -o Server Server.c...

Brick Game

This is the complete source code of the most favorite flash game ‘Web Breaker’. The source code is written completely in C/C++ programming language. The game runs in DOS graphics mode. You can use either Turbo C++ compiler or Dev C++ compiler to compile and run this code.

Printing ASCII Characters in C

The following program prints out the numerical codes of the printable/visible ASCII characters. This C program prints ASCII values of all the alphabets and special characters.

Base Converter V1.1

You can convert all sorts of numbers i.e. including real numbers ( 1.23 etc. ). Plus A Memory game to get your mind and time ticking all the time. The graphics are improved. Use of mouse makes it far more easier to use. Altogether Amazing program.

Telephone Directory Program in C

This is telephone directory program written in C and uses BGI Graphics to display data. The program takes Name, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Address and saves it in newly created file.

The program also shows saved record on screen. User can find and delete the records too.

Borland C/C++ compiler Interface

This is a Borland C/C++ compiler Interface using the graphics.h library. This program uses many functions of graphics.h library provided by C Language. like line(), setcolor(), outtextxy() etc… You can play around with this code to learn how to make simple and...

Small Help Dialog

A small help dialog in DOS mode graphics. It can b used in any application for help purpose or showing messages to the user. It uses the ASCII characters to build the windows shpe and then I have used the gotoxy() function to place the cusror at that location to print...


Small C Language Program to show the drawing and filling of some basic shapes like rectangle, circle etc… with colors and different shades. First of all I have created a characters aray of patterns that will fill the drawing, then initialize the graphics mode...