The Birthday Reminder program is a simple console-based application written in C++. Its purpose is to help users keep track of important dates, such as birthdays, by allowing them to add, delete, and view reminders associated with individuals. The program stores reminder information, including the person’s name, birth date, and relationship, in a file named “Birthday.dat.”

Important Notes for Programmers

  • File Handling: The program uses file handling to store and retrieve reminder information. std::fstream is used for both input and output operations on the “Birthday.dat” file.
  • Structures: The program employs C++ structures (struct) to define the data structure for reminders. There are structures for the date (Date) and the reminder itself (Reminder).
  • Input Validation: Basic input validation is performed to ensure that the user provides valid numerical choices in the menu.
  • Function Usage: The program utilizes functions to modularize the code and improve readability. Functions like addReminder, deleteReminder, and viewReminder encapsulate specific functionalities.

Birthday Reminder Program