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Blend4Web: Award-Winning 3D Web Solution

Blend4Web is an open source 3D graphic software framework. The main advantage of the framework is that it works right within the browser without installing any third party plugins. It can render both graphics as well as audio inside the browser window.

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Banshee 3D Game Engine written in C++ 14

Banshee is one of the highest quality and modern game engine written in C++ 14 and C# Programming Language. This is a high performance open source game engine with quality graphics and support for HDR and gamma correct rendering.

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Anvil Game Engine written in C++

Anvil is a 3D game engine developed in 2007 by Ubisoft Montreal game developers. It was known as Scimitar until 2009. AnvilNext 2.0 engine was released in 2014 for Assassin’s Creed Unity game.

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List of Top 100 Game Engines Written in C/C++

A game engine is a dedicated software or an architecture, or program that developers use for creating games. It provides developers with a way of adding physics, rendering, AI and other components, libraries and tools without programming them. They do require advanced programming experience and at the same time highly customizable. Game engines also provide limitless possibilities to develop the game.

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Ternary Operator with examples in C

In C Programming, ternary operator allows executing different code depending on the value of a condition. The returned value is the result of the expression when the code is executed. The main advantage of using ternary operator is to reduce the number of lines of code and improve the performance of application. In C, the real utility of ternary operator is that it is an expression instead of a statement i.e. you can have it on the right-hand side (RHS) of a statement. So you can write certain code statements more concisely.

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