Boycott FaceBook

After hearing about Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam) Group on Facebook, I have decided not to use facebook any more for any of my activities. I have closed down my account on facebook and I will not be sharing any more contents on facebook.

Internet is not meant to spread hate but peace and facebook is spreading hate and discrimination. Also disturbing the emotions of entire Muslim community around the world.

Please raise your voice on this forum against FaceBook spreading hate and discrimination against Muslims. Being Muslim we want Peace, Love and no hate in the world.

I strongly condemn the Facebook’s act as it fails to remove these contents from the site and even saying “While the content does not violate our terms, we do understand it may not be legal in some countries,”.

Use this page to express your feelings.


    • Regardless of what your belief or religion might be, to throw out offensive and hateful vitriolic for the simple and primary purpose of hurting someone else’s feelings (a) when you know that those feelings will be hurt and (b) when hurting those feelings is really the only purpose of doing what you are doing – is inhuman, cruel, and clearly offensive.
      If Facebook does not recognize that, then it knows nothing either about “social” or about “networking” and certainly not about “community”.

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