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File Handling in C++

In C++, files are referred to as flow of streams (data) into and out of programs. Streams are basis data type to handle all input and output (I/O) operations. There are different kinds of streams of data flow for input and output. Each stream is associated with a class, which contains member functions and definitions for dealing with that particular kind of flow.

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Reading Files

This is a small C language program that can read a text file. The program is given file name as command parameter and it reads the file line by line. The program will prints out number of characters and words in each line. The...

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Reading Text Files

It contains a program that is given as command parameter the name of a text file, say, temp.dat. It will read each line of temp.dat and print out in correspondence the number of characters and words on that line. At the end it...

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Directory Structure

A small script to show all the Directories and Files in a specified Drive or Directory. It shows all the files and folders in a tree style with the file size, last modified date and other file attributes. It is just like the dir...

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