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Operators in C Programming

In C Programming, operators are symbols or keywords used to perform operations on values and variables. These are fundamental to performing various operations in C programming and are essential for building complex algorithms and programs. We can use operators to perform a wide range of tasks, including arithmetic calculations, logical operations, and comparisons.

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Stockfish – An Open Source Chess Game Engine

Stockfish is an open source game engine and one of the best CPU chess engines in the world. It is free and Universal Chess Interface (UCI) compliant, distributed under under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3).  It is a fork of Glaurung engine, which is an open-source engine, developed by Tord Romstad and released in fall 2004. Glaurung was written in C and later versions were completely written in C++. The authors of this game engine are Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski and Gary Linscott.

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The Typedef and using Keywords in C and C++

The typedef or “type definition” is a keyword in C or C++ Programming language that allows declaring different names for types such as int or char. It specifies that that the declaration is a typedef declaration rather than a variable or function declaration. In C/C++, any valid data type can be aliased so that it can be referred to with a different identifier.

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Difference between char[] and char* in C? Character Array and Pointer

Generally, the following two statements about char[] and char * in C are considered confusing and understanding the difference between them is important. The first statement puts the literal string “mycplus” in read-only memory and copies the string to newly allocated memory on the stack. The second statement is known as static string allocation and definition.

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