This C program finds the longest common sub-sequence between two strings. It implements the most famous dynamic programming algorithm.

Dynamic programming is a computational technique used to solve complex problems by breaking them down into smaller subproblems and solving each subproblem only once, storing the solution to each subproblem and using it to solve larger problems.

Dynamic programming algorithms are often used in computer programming to solve problems that involve optimization, such as finding the shortest path in a graph or the optimal way to arrange items in a knapsack. Examples of well-known dynamic programming algorithms include the Bellman-Ford algorithm for finding the shortest path in a weighted graph, the Knapsack algorithm for optimizing the contents of a knapsack, and the Fibonacci sequence algorithm for generating the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

This program is last compiled under Linux using gcc-3 compiler.

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Created on 2005-01-22 by Roger Zhang ([email protected])