Visual C++ is a well-known programming language for Windows based applications. Microsoft Visual C++ is a compiler from Microsoft for the development C, C++, and C++/CLI based applications. Currently it is part of Visual Studio IDE.

This book is ideal for C++ programmers who have little experience with C++, Visual C++ or other Windows-based programming languages such as Visual Basic. It provides programmers with everything they need to build complex windows based applications using C++. With this book you will learn how to create large, complex and more powerful and user oriented windows applications. Full working code examples provides all the required skills to build windows style applications

The book begins with a quick chapter on the C++ language, and using the Visual C++ IDE to create Windows applications. It provides a quick overview to C++ programmers, and a quick guide to the language if you’ve not worked with C++ before. The book then moves into a set of comprehensive example applications, presenting the important parts of the code with explanation of how it works, and how and when to use similar techniques in your own applications.

The book presents most of its material via 5 Windows examples, Ring, Tetris, Draw, Calc and Word. Ring is a simple program which just puts colored circles on the screen wherever you click the mouse. All the information required to produce it is presented step by step in a clear and adequate manner in the text. There is one piece of code on page 115 where you would want to look at the online Errata. He presents the code for these examples in the text.

If you already have experience with C++ programming language, or any other windows based programming language, and want to use C++ to write real world, complex desktop applications then this book is ideal for you.

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Microsoft Visual C++ Applications by Examples

Microsoft Visual C++ Applications by Examples

About the Author

Stefan Björnander is the author of the books C++ 17 by Example, C++ Windows Programming, and Microsoft Windows C++. He holds a Master of Engineering and a Licentiate in Computer Science. He has worked as a software developer and as a teacher in computer science and mathematics for many years.