Author Dave Mark starts out this handy book “Learn C on the Mac” with the basics of C programming and takes through a complete course in programming C using Apple’s free Xcode tools. This book is a perfect guide for beginners learning to program in C on Mac OS. It also includes all new Mac OS X examples. Main points covered in this book include

  • Master C programming, the gateway to programming your Mac or iPhone.
  • Write applications for the Mac OS X interface, the cleanest user interface around.
  • Understand variables and how to design your own data structures.
  • Work with the file system.
  • Connect to data sources and the Internet.

This book is for anyone wishing to learn to C programming in Mac OS X environment. If you are new to this platform, an experienced MAC developer, new to C programming or students entirely new to programming this book is a perfect guide to start with. For anyone who wants to learn how to program their iPhone, this is also the core language primer.

Colin Anderson highly recommend this book by saying

Dave Mark has done an excellent job of presenting the material in this book! Most introductions to C programming are either dry and boring or ridiculously silly (in a failed attempt to be fun). Dave managed to find a balance, teaching the concepts in a tone that can best be described as conversational. The easier sections of the book really do feel like fun, while still maintaining the integrity demanded by the subject; the more difficult sections are rather comforting and instill the confidence that the reader will be able to master the hard concepts.

Another reason why the presentation is so successful is that Dave does not overwhelm the reader with too much information. He tells you only what you need to know in order to get your programs to work, but also provides sources to find the information you don’t need but may want.

Of course, being written specifically for Mac computers is a major selling point, and rightfully so! In addition to learning the C programming language, the reader will become familiar with the Xcode development environment, the arena where Mac and iPhone/iPod development takes place.

The place where Learn C on the Mac stands out above the rest (in my opinion) is that it leaves the reader confident that he/she not only knows what the concepts are, but also understands how to use them. There are many books and websites out there that are great at teaching the theory, but lack and explanation of the practice. What good is it to know what a pointer is if you don’t know how it would fit into a program?

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to begin programming on the Mac!

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