Are you a programmer and looking for a challenge to write iPhone applications? If so, this book is for you. The book assumes a minimal working knowledge of Objective-C, and written in a friendly way. The book is quite easy to follow for beginners who want to develop applications for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The book begins with very basics and then walks through the process of downloading and installing Apple’s free iPhone SDK. Next step is to develop basic “Hello World” iPhone application. Then you start mastering all the iPhone interface elements that you’ve come to know, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, sliders, etc.

You will build the understanding of iPhone file system, store and retrieve data using SQLite and use iPhone’s built-in database management system. You will also learn how to store files using iPhone file system. The book also teaches how to work with iPhone’s built in components such as Camera, Photo Library and Accelerometer.

Steve Demeter, Creator of “Trism” and owner of Demiforce LLC, writes about this book

“People ask me again and again about how to get started in iPhone development, but I never had a very good answer for them until now. Dave and Jeff’s book starts at the beginning in clear English, making sure you understand the fundamentals with many large illustrations. From there, they progress into key concepts such as the MVC pattern and ImageBuilder fundamentals. Additionally, I find myself flipping back to it as a reference guide—the plethora of code samples make it a must-have.”

Cory Foy at reviews this book by saying

“All in all I was very surprised and pleased with the book. I’ve had the fortune of reading many technical books, and few do a great job of walking someone through the basics without making them feel like a dolt. It felt like every time I was stuck or unsure there was a tip, hint or paragraph which explained what was going on.”

You can discover more about this book, download source code, and find support forums at the book’s companion site:

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