Teach yourself how to develop applications with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET-with tools and instruction, straight from the source! This DELUXE LEARNING EDITION contains Microsoft’s popular Step by Step tutorial and fully-supported, standard-edition software for Visual C++ .NET in a single, economical package.

Work at your own pace through the lessons and hands-on exercises-and apply your learning to real Microsoft Visual C++ .NET software, not a simulation. It’s everything you need to build the skills and knowledge for developing and deploying next-generation applications for .NET, right now.

What you will learn about Microsoft Visual C++?

This book will help you learn the following concepts about Microsoft Visual C++ Programming Language.

  1. Create and execute a basic object-oriented program.
  2. Explore advanced object-oriented programming concepts, particularly inheritance and other techniques.
  3. Employ the Visual Studio® .NET debugger to step through and analyze code execution.
  4. Leverage the native support within the .NET framework for properties, arrays, and events.
  5. Implement error handling by generating and managing exceptions.
  6. Overload operators as needed for custom object behavior.
  7. Investigate the .NET Framework 1.1 in-depth, including a thorough examination of major namespaces and classes.
  8. Utilize Windows® Forms to develop graphical user interface (GUI) applications.
  9. Access and manipulate data using XML and Microsoft ADO.NET technologies.
  10. Develop and utilize Web services within your applications.
  11. Construct Web service components using ATL (Active Template Library).
  12. Prepare and adapt existing legacy applications to be compatible with the .NET framework.

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