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256-Color VGA Programming in C

Posted on July 14th, 2009 1 Comment

David Brackeen has a very good tutorial on VGA graphics programming for DOS in C programming. The tutorial is a five part C programming tutorial which covers VGA basics, Primitive Shapes & Lines, Bitmaps & Palette Manipulation, Mouse Support & Animation and Double Buffering, Page Flipping, & Unchained Mode. This tutorial covers many topics in...
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Unions and Structures

Posted on October 16th, 2008 30 Comments

Unions and Structures
What is a Union? If we are having the less memory to use in our program, for example 64K, we can use a single memory location for more than one variable this is called union. You can use the unios in the followig locations. You can share a single memory location for a variable myVar1 and use the same location for myVar2 of different data type when myVar1 is...
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Basic dataypes and operators in C Programming

Posted on October 14th, 2008 0 Comments

C provides a standard, minimal set of basic data types. Sometimes these are called "primitive" types. More complex data structures can be built up from these basic types. Integer Types The "integral" types in C form a family of integer types. They all behave like integers and can be mixed together and used in similar ways. The differences...
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File Handling in C Language

Posted on September 13th, 2008 277 Comments

In this section, we will discuss about files which are very important for storing information permanently. We store information in files for many purposes, like data processing by our programs. What is a File? Abstractly, a file is a collection of bytes stored on a secondary storage device, which is generally a disk of some kind. The collection of bytes may...
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Graphics in C Language

Posted on September 10th, 2008 145 Comments

Graphics in C Language We will restrict our discussion on Graphics in C Language to 16 bit C programming and MS DOS environment. In a C Program first of all you need to initialize the graphics drivers on the computer. This is done using the initgraph method provided in graphics.h library. In the next few pages we will discuss graphics.h library in details. Important...
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Posted on September 10th, 2008 25 Comments

Each memory location that we use to store the data hase an address in computre memory (RAM). Computer Hardware i.e. CPU uses this addess to reference to a particular data item. A pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable. A pointer is a variable that represents the location of a data item, such as a variable or an array element. Pointers...
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Arrays in C Programming

Posted on September 10th, 2008 89 Comments

What is an Array in C Language? An array in C Programing Language can be defined as number of memory locations, each of which can store the same data type and which can be references through the same variable name. An array is a collective name given to a group of similar quantities. These similar quantities could be percentage marks of 100 students, number of...
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Functions in C Programming

Posted on September 10th, 2008 103 Comments

What is a Function? A function is a block of code that has a name and it has a property that it is reusable i.e. it can be executed from as many different points in a C Program as required. Function groups a number of program statements into a unit and gives it a name. This unit can be invoked from other parts of a program. A computer program cannot handle all...
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