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Difference between char [] and char * in C?

Generally, the following two statements about char[] and char * in C are considered confusing and understanding the difference between them is important. The first statement puts the literal string “mycplus” in read-only memory and copies the string to newly allocated memory on the stack. The second statement is known as static string allocation and definition.

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C/C++ String Library

The Better String Library is superior to the C library char string type, or C++’s std::string. It’s safer with regard to buffer overflows, simpler than C string manipulation, works ok for ‘\0’ terminated...

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String Sorting in Java

This is a sample Java program to demonstrate string sorting. The function uses a space character as a separator between words. It iterates through each word in the input string and creates a words[] array. Finally it sorts the array of the words in ascending order of the letters i.e. a->z and displays the sorted array by printing one word at each line.

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The Standard C++ Library: Strings

Standard C++ not only incorporates all the Standard C libraries (with small additions and changes to support type safety), it also adds libraries of its own. These libraries are far more powerful than those in Standard C; the...

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