Tag: Recursion

Towers of Hanoi Java Program

This Java Program solves the Towers of Hanoi problem for a tower of 10 disks. Ten differently-sized disks are stacked in a pile, in order of decreasing size. There are two other places for piles. The object is to move the pile to the second available place, subject to the rules that only one disk at a time can be moved, and no disk can be piled on top of a smaller disk. The Towers of Hanoi problem is a standard example of recursion.

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Java Code to Demonstrate Recursion

The Java code implements a simple graphical application that visually represents and counts blobs within a grid by using recursion. A blob is a group of adjacent filled squares in the grid. The application uses Java Swing for creating the graphical user interface (GUI) components. It includes buttons for generating a new set of blobs, counting the number of blobs, and a grid where users can click to get information about the blob size at that specific position. This Java code uses recursion in the getBlobSize method to calculate the size of a blob.

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