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How Can Programmers Upskill in 2023 and Beyond?

It’s a good time for existing programmers to leverage their capabilities. This means that existing programmers must upskill and reskill so they can play a broad range of roles. Here are four steps to help you upskill new programmers: Identify skills needed now and later, Ask for your organization’s support, Join bootcamps and online coding courses, Find on-the-job learning opportunities.

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How to succeed in the coding interviews?

The coding interview platform provided by several kinds of organizations is considered to be the best possible way of recruiting people who are the best fit for the organization. At the time of hiring the people for technical jobs, it is very much important to judge their technical skills and the first barrier to entry in this particular concept can be termed as the technical or coding interview.

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Top 10 Prestigious Programming Contests and Coding Challenges

This is a list of 10 most prestigious and old programming contests and challenges which you can participate and win prizes. Most of them are annual competitions but few are continuous and you can enter at any time. You can use C, C++, Java or C# .NET or any other programming language in these contests.

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