Everything you need to know to succeed in the programming interview and get the job you want. Whether you are a veteran programmer seeking a new position or a whiz kid starting your career, interviewing for a programming job requires special preparation. The interview is likely to consist of an hour-long interactive oral exam in computers, programming, and logic.

This helpful guide will give you the tools necessary to breeze through the test and make a lasting impression that will get you a top-dollar offer! Mongan and Suojanen take you step-by-step through the same problems that they were asked on technical interviews. These veterans use their experience with the technical interview process to prepare you for any situation. With their help, you’ll gain critical interviewing skills such as how to ask effective questions, how to best approach a problem, and what to do when you get stuck. Integrated throughout the book are problems taken from real interviews at top computer companies, followed by an in-depth analysis and explanation of the thought process leading to solutions. By focusing on techniques and not just answers, you’ll be able to apply what you learn to the wide variety of problems you will face during an interview.

The problems included in this book will challenge your programming skills and help you ace the programming interview! Problem types include: Programming problems with emphasis on data structures and recursion Logic puzzles, counting and measuring problems, and spatial reasoning Knowledge-based problems that cover today’s most important technologies. For C programming related jobs, you may want to look for C Unix Developer Jobs on Jooble.

Although designed for computer science undergraduates, this odd but intriguing book will find a broader readership because of its interesting discussion of problems and solutions. The author, both veteran programmers, based this work on questions they were asked during interviews with big league companies. About 22 pages cover social etiquette and dress and about 220 pages deal with solving programming queries that interviewers pose, from linked lists and tree navigation to sorting and recursion; highly recommended for all college, university, and large public libraries.

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