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50 Best C/C++ Source Code Pages and Websites

In this article, I am going to share 50 outstanding websites and web pages. which I believe. every C or C++ developer should know and bookmark. This list provides direct links to programming source codes along with their description.

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C Program: Number Shuffling Game

This C program is a simple console-based implementation of a number-shuffling game. The game presents a grid of numbers, and the objective is to rearrange them in ascending order. The player can move the numbers by pressing the corresponding number keys, and the game tracks the number of moves taken to complete the puzzle.

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Snake Game – C Imlementation

This C program simulates the game “snake” which is usually available in old mobile phones. A string of characters moves on the screen according to arrow keys pressed by user. If it touches itself or screen boundary, the program terminates. When the snake moves, in arbitrary screen positions some digit (1-9) appears. The objective of the game is to make the snake eat the said digit, so that it is added to the score. When a digit is eaten, the size of the snake increases by the number of characters equal to the value of the digit.

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C Program – Tic-Tac-Toe Game – Command Line

This is a console version of Tic Tac Toe computer game written in c programming language. The game runs in text mode of command prompt and users can play the game in text mode. The game has many options to choose from, like playing with computer, friend. While playing with computer use can select either novice mode or advance mode.

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Moving ball applet – Java

This is a Java class that uses some trigonometry and vector mathematics in its implementation.  An object of type MovingBall holds data about a “ball” that has a color, radius, position, speed, and direction. The ball is restricted to moving around inside a rectangle in the xy-plane. The ball can draw itself in a graphics context and will move when it is told to move.

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