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C Calculator Program

This is a simple calculator written in C language and works under DOS Command prompt. The calculator performs all the basic arithmetic operations including addition, subtraction, trigonometric calculations, and many other...

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Scientific Calculator Program

This graphical scientific calculator purely written in C programming language. It uses small functions to draw buttons on the screen and perform scientific operations like conversion, logarithm, and other operations. Every operation can be performed using the mouse buttons as well as keyboard. It can perform almost all the functions shown on the screen except few functions which will be implemented in the next version of this calculator code.

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Interest Calculator

Use JavaScript to find out just how much that new house or car is going to cost you each month. Enter values into the fields below to find out how much each monthly payment would be with the given number of payments, interest...

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Airport Calculator

This useful JavaScript calculator will tell you the degrees, Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. It’s got a built-in database of over 150 of the most traveled...

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Advanced Calculator

This is a very nice JavaScript calculator program to demonstrate simple operations such as addition, multiplication and division. Although the source code can get quite confusing, it works.

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A simple Java Calculator UI developed using Java AWT and Swing. import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; public class CalculatorFormat implements WindowListener { private JButton...

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Console Based Java Calculator

This is a small Console Based Java Calculator that can add, subtract , divide and multiply two numbers. Find the square root of a number, cube of a number, nth Power of a number. It is very for the begnners of...

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