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4 Proven Ways to Learn Programming Online

Today, the entire world relies on the internet for commerce, communication, entertainment, and even education. Thanks to this increased dependence on digital technologies, there’s now a greater demand for professionals with tech expertise. Data from business technology magazine CIO shows that 52% of companies intend to add new tech positions in 2022. Among the most highly sought-after jobs include database administration, software development, programming, web development, and systems analysis.

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Errors: To Fail or To Recover?

The environment in which your code runs is imperfect: users will provide invalid inputs, external systems will go down, and your code and other code around it will often contain some number of bugs. Given this, errors are inevitable; things can and will go wrong, and as a result you can’t write robust and reliable code without thinking carefully about error cases.

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Algorithms in C

These algorithms are represented in terms of compact implementations in C so that readers can both understand their fundamental properties and implement them in real applications. The method of the analysis of algorithms is quite carefully designed. When appropriate, analytic results are described to explain why certain algorithms are preferred. In some cases, the practical algorithms’ relationship being discussed to purely theoretical results is also described.

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Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

The book opens with some hints for porting code from C to C++ and then moves on to the proper use of the new and delete operators in C++ for more robust memory management. The text then proceeds to class design, including the proper use of constructors, destructors, and overloaded operator functions for assignment within classes. (These guidelines ensure that you will create custom C++ classes that are fully functional data types, which can be copied and assigned just like built-in C++ classes.)

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