Tag: Algorithms

Porter’s Algorithm in C

Originally written in 1979 at Computer Laboratory, Cambridge (England), it was reprinted in 1997 in the book “Readings in Information Retrieval”. Initially it was written in BCPL language. Here is the list of implementations in other programming languages including C, Java and Pearl implementations done by author himself.

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Algorithms in C

These algorithms are represented in terms of compact implementations in C so that readers can both understand their fundamental properties and implement them in real applications. The method of the analysis of algorithms is quite carefully designed. When appropriate, analytic results are described to explain why certain algorithms are preferred. In some cases, the practical algorithms’ relationship being discussed to purely theoretical results is also described.

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Bayer Tree implementation in C

This is implementation of Bayer-Trees, which are normally used for indices of data bases. These routines provide all stuff that is needed to create and destroy; insert, update and delete; load and destroy; search and traverse; check a tree. Sort huge amounts of data by doing a multi-phase sorting on temporary files.

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