This is C++ Flexible Vector and Matrix (Vectors and Matrix with Arbitrary Bounds). The algorithm has been written by Alex Vinokur. Programming Language : C++. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

This C++ code is tested using GNU C++ and djgpp compiled by GNU C.

To compile, test and run the code

Contents of the source code

0. README.txt (this file)
— Program Files —
— Header files
1. defs.h Macro & definitions
2. funcs.h Auxiliary functions (Declaration)
3. obj_loc.h Auxiliary location classes (Definition)
4. fx_vect.h Flexible Vector Classes (Definition)
5. fx_vect2.h Flexible Vector Classes (Template Implementation)
6. fx_matr.h Flexible Matrix Classes (Definition)
7. fx_matr2.h Flexible Matrix Classes (Template Implementation)
8. testfile.h Test Classes and Functions (Declarations, Definition)

— Source files
9. defs.c Initializations
10. funcs.c Auxiliary functions (Implementation)
11. obj_loc.c Auxiliary location classes (Implementation)
12. fx_vect.c Flexible Vector Classes (Non-Template Implementation)
13. fx_matr.c Flexible Matrix Classes (Non-Template Implementation)
14. testfile.c Test Classes and Functions (Implementation)
15. main.c Test Classes and Functions (Implementation)

— Log File —
16. flexible_log.txt Running results

— Info File —
17. flexible_vector.html

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