With the great advancements in technology, it is a lot easier nowadays to run an online business. If you have the right type of skills, knowledge, and a good laptop, you can easily start a business online. Despite these necessities which help you start your business journey a very crucial factor to consider for your startup is how to implement IT to get you a jump start on your online journey. Like any other line of business, it takes time for new technologies to pick up. Even when they do, some do not survive the test of time.

Intranets have changed a lot in the business world today, especially due to the efficiency and the speed it offers to employers and employees. SharePoint intranet has plenty of features that are beneficial to those who are conducting their businesses online. Just like any online platform, SharePoint has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of SharePoint Intranet

Here are some of the advantages of SharePoint Intranet:

1. Customisation

SharePoint was designed to serve different purposes in a business specifically. For this reason, numerous organizations developed an interest in it. The usage of this platform became wide, thus its popularity.

SharePoint Intranet is equally flexible, especially when you intend to develop different platforms. You get an instant solution with this platform hence making it an attractive option for many businesses.

Since it is customized, it offers you plenty of opportunities whenever you require integration services. It is easier when developers need to build complex applications that a business may require to function effectively or simple add-ons needed in the platform.

2. Wide Range of Features

With the great diversity that SharePoint Intranet has managed to secure in the online business world, it has to have qualities such as extensive features. Some of these features include; security information management, task management, document management and asset library.

As a developer, you do not need to code every function from the beginning as these features perform the function for you. You get a smooth experience working through managing, storing and sharing any data on the internet. Every activity is put in place correctly and the only task left for you is to ensure that customization is done.

3. Integration with Other Systems

SharePoint has a wide range of features and this is an advantage because it can also perform other functions due to this characteristic. Using the available sources, a business organization can integrate with systems like ERP to access any information in the shortest time possible. When you learn how to implement IT, it becomes easier for the organization to run its programs.

Cons of SharePoint Intranet

Some of the disadvantages of SharePoint Intranet are as follows :

1. Difficult to Maintain and Operate

Considering all the advantages that the platform offers to its users, such as a wide range of features and customization, it becomes complex to operate and run this particular platform. This problem becomes even more pronounced when the users lack adequate training in operating SharePoint Intranet.

You need to have adequate training and the right skills for you to be able to operate the platform. More so, learning how to implement IT. It is the customization feature of the platform that makes it complex to operate. Many organizations usually opt to hire developers who will be running the platform.

2. The Wide Range of features can cause Confusion

The wide range of features makes it hard for a business organization to decide on one that perfectly suits their operations. An organization cannot enable the features all at once, for this will interfere with other users’ operations, hence confusing the intranet. The only way left is for the organization to prioritize the most relevant features.

SharePoint intranet is suited for different types of business. Therefore, the decision to incorporate it or not in your business is solely dependent on you.