While check payments might seem like a relic of the past for many people, they are still important components for the operation of many businesses. Companies of all sizes and industries that regularly work with checks can benefit from working with outsourced check printing and mailing services to improve the efficiency of their processes when it comes to sending and documenting these payments. However, many businesses aren’t aware that these services are even an option for their business.

If you’re tired of writing checks manually, outsourcing your check printing might be the next financial investment for your company. You will save you considerable time and company resources, opening up more bandwidth for more future-oriented tasks, rather than getting caught up in the minutia. Your accounts payable department can focus more on strategy and plan for the company’s future. In addition, you’ll worry less about your checks’ security, particularly when they’re in the mail.

In this article, we’ll review the basics of outsourced check printing and document mailing, to help you determine if these services are a good fit for your business. Outsourcing this logistical aspect of your business, no matter your operation scale, business type, or industry, can improve the financial agility and efficiency of your entire company.

Bulk Payments Are Easier To Send Than Ever

If your business uses a high volume of check printing on a regular basis, outsourcing your check printing can make sending bulk payments significantly easier. The only thing you’ll need to do to make sure the payee receives the payment is upload their contact details to the outsourced service provider’s software, or send a CSV file with the same information. Once the spreadsheet of contact information is filled, your outsourced check printing and document mailing partner will handle all other aspects of getting the check to the payee.

Bulk payments can quickly become a hassle for your business if you’re not prepared. With so many checks to write and send, there are unfortunately many points in the process where errors might occur. To get around these errors and ensure that all your payments reach the payee’s account without conflict, you should consider working with a check printing and mailing company that manages the small details so you can move forward with other, more forward-thinking aspects of your company’s operations.

Outsourcing Can Increase the Security of Your Check Payments

Outsourcing your check printing and mailing isn’t just an easy way to improve the efficiency of the check writing process. It’s also an option for improving the security of your business’s payments, particularly while their in the mail. Many check printing and mailing companies offer services such as address cleansing, that double check all records of a business or individual’s address, ensuring that the payment is headed to the right destination. Mail tracking, overnight, and two-day mailing requests are a key feature of many check printing service providers, ensuring that company payment information spends less time in the mail.

Check stock security features for business checks are also something you’ll never need to worry about again. If you’re writing or printing your checks within your company’s accounting department, you’ll have to deal with selecting the best check stock for your business. When you outsource, that’s no longer a problem.

Features such as custom branded fourdrinier watermarks, chemical wash detection boxes, and microprinting help to ensure that your checks are not washed and can easily be voided. Unfortunately, check fraud is one of the most common forms of payment fraud in the United States. To prevent this type of issue from affecting your business, you can simply outsource your check printing and mailing.

Setting Up Recurring Payments is Simple

Writing out recurring payments over and over again can quickly become a hassle that frustrates your employees and prevents other auditing and financial management tasks from reaching completion. With an outsourced check printing and mailing partner at your side, you’ll never need to worry about re-entering addresses or payment information. Scheduling repeating payments, whether it’s to third-party service providers outside of your organization or to your own employees, will be a quick and efficienct process.

Custom check printing API solutions essentially create a secure bridge for data between your company’s existing enterprise software and your outsourcing provider’s internal systems. When you want to make a new payment request, verify a payment, or set up tracking for an existing payment, you’ll never have to worry about learning a new platform. All of your company’s information will remain within your internal systems.

Because API integrations can sometimes be tricky to setup, many check printing and mailing service providers offer the assistance of their development team, ensuring all your information remains secure in the process of creating this link between platforms. Sandbox features allow you to test your critical recurring payments before you actually send them, essentially double checking that all API keys are working correctly before any money actually leaves your company’s accounts.

You’ll Never Have to Write a Check Manually Again

It’s simple. When you outsource your check printing and mailing processes, your accounting department will never have to write a check manually again. The only thing you’ll need to do to guarantee your payments reach the payee swiftly and securely is upload the relevant payment information and click send. You’ll have less payment mistakes, less stress worrying about getting all the payment information right, and an increase in the security of all your business’s check payments. You’ll ultimately save time, reduce hassles, and get peace of mind for all your payments.

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