Yes, today the development world is faced with the fact that C++ has significantly lost its popularity. It was overtaken by three programming languages at once – Python, Java, and JavaScript. This leads to the question, is it even worth studying in 2022?

If the goal of learning the C++ programming language is to work in the field of IT – definitely yes! Why is that? Let’s talk more in the article.

What is it used for?

C++ is a basic programming language that is used ubiquitously to create the back end of various products. Despite lagging behind in the TIOBE rankings, his status has not changed. Most companies cannot do without it, so they always hire C++ developers on their staff. There are plenty of purposes for using the language:

  • creation of cloud products;
  • video game development;
  • work with operating systems;
  • creation of stationary and web applications;
  • development of products in different directions;
  • work with databases.

All this applies to different areas of industries from IT companies and shops to banking and accounting. If you need to choose developers for hire you can turn to IT companies for consulting and team augmentation. 

Benefits of C++

C++ is the foundation of the programming world. After learning it, it will be easier for you to learn other languages, they will just become more understandable. In addition, it has a number of other advantages:

  • equipped with an exception handling tool, which allows you to identify and process certain circumstances in time;
  • has DMA (direct memory access), which is useful for various memory management processes;
  • equipped with a standard library with many templates;
  • suitable for working with different operating systems;
  • has OOP concepts for working with data;
  • differs in high speed and efficiency;
  • has high performance;
  • is constantly being improved;
  • scales easily.

By studying C++, you will gain in-depth knowledge of computer processes, and understand how they work and how they “think”.


Like any language, C++ has a number of drawbacks. The most important of them is the complexity of its study and understanding. No wonder it is considered the base language, it has a rather complicated syntax. Even experienced programmers working with Java or Python are unlikely to understand it right away. Despite the fact that high-level abstractions have been introduced into it today, it is still difficult to understand.

But don’t be afraid. If you are a beginner, start with the basics and fundamental concepts of all programming. Further, it will be easier, because there are a huge number of sources of knowledge around and some of them offer to learn C++ on the fingers. And if you are already an experienced programmer who decided to move to C++, try to immediately dive into it and get started.


The C++ programming language is distinguished by its versatility of use. It is constantly being modified and simplified for perception. Every 3 years a new version is released, which cannot but please both professionals and beginners. In addition, there are a huge number of C++ fans in the world who constantly find interesting life hacks for using it and organize huge support for those who decide to master it. The Internet is full of sites that contain blogs with explanations of difficult points. Everything is done to help at the stage of training and work.

For almost 40 years, the language has proven itself in solving almost all programming problems and has been actively used in all areas of our life all this time. Even hypothetically, it will not be possible to completely replace it in the coming decades. And since all applications require updates, C++ specialists will remain in demand throughout the life of the language.

Even small companies often give preference to C++ professionals and are ready to provide them with a high level of income, constant workload, and career opportunities.


As you understand, the C++ programming language remains one of the most demanded and popular. It can be mastered by anyone who has not yet had experience in development or is already an experienced programmer but works in another language. Despite the difficult and thorny path of learning, it is definitely worth it, because in the end you will receive a huge amount of knowledge and be able to understand the entire computer structure. In addition, the doors to all major companies in the world will be opened to you, because. in each of them, there is a place for a whole department of C++ developers.

Having gained knowledge of C++ in 2022, you can be sure of stable work and the ability to switch to any other language at any time with minimal resource costs.