The classic, in-depth developer?s guide to the Windows kernel now covers Windows .NET Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. Written by noted Windows internals experts David Solomon and Mark Russinovich in collaboration with the Microsoft Windows .NET Server product development team, this book packs the latest concepts and terms, kernel and source code specifics, undocumented interfaces, component and tool descriptions, and architectural perspectives that reveal the inner workings of the operating system. Special callouts highlight information that is specific to a particular version of Windows, and an advanced troubleshooting section helps you more easily decipher?and exploit?system operations and performance.

In addition, the book includes utilities and hands-on exercises you can use to experience Windows internal behavior firsthand. If you?re a system programmer or an administrator working with Windows .NET Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000, you?ll find critical architectural insights you can quickly apply for better design, debugging, performance, and troubleshooting.

Mark Russinovich is chief software architect and cofounder of Winternals Software, a company that specializes in advanced systems software for Microsoft Windows. He is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine where he contributes to the Windows Power Tools column. He and David Solomon deliver public and private seminars on Windows operating system internals and advanced troubleshooting to numerous companies and organizations, including regular deliveries to Microsoft employees. They also created a 12 hour self-paced Windows internals video tutorial which Microsoft licensed for worldwide corporate use. Mark is also a frequent speaker at major industry conferences such as Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft IT Forum, Windows IT Pro Magazine?s Connections, and MCP Magazine’s TechMentor.

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