Donald Brandt’s MSCD Architectures Exam Cram gives you a useful quick start in designing and building enterprise applications using the official Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF). < This test preparation guide (for MCSD Exam 70-100) gives you all the information you'll need to pass, plus you'll gain an understanding of multitiered architectures and tools for the Windows platform. Even if you've programmed using Visual Basic or Visual C++, you'll need to grasp the theory behind the practice to do well on the MCSD Architectures exam. And even if you have a background in software engineering, the specific terms and philosophy of the MSF for building software are unique. Besides its general introduction to taking certification exams (along with practice questions), this book provides a fast-moving tour of essential concepts for creating software the Microsoft way. The text starts off with a look at the different models used in this software process. Subsequent chapters look at determining business requirements. Then it's on to designing user, data, and presentation services, with coverage of essential Microsoft technologies and tools like MTS and DCOM. Database essentials (such as tables and normalization) are also discussed. Generally, this title is briskly written and jargon-free, and it makes good use of charts and short case studies to illustrate key concepts effectively. A final practice test lets you measure your knowledge with questions similar to those on the real exam. MSCD Architectures Exam Cram shows you, from a software engineering perspective, how to design and deliver scalable Web-based applications using Microsoft tools, and it thoroughly explains enterprise software created for Windows. It's a concise source of up-to-date information and an essential resource that will surely help you ace the important certification exam. Buy this book here